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Member: DRankin

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Located: Northern Nevada
Shooting, hunting and fishing.
Prior Stuff:
(1) Deere 4100 Gear/410 loader.
(2) Kubota BX 22 TLB with a Kubota front blade.
(3) Kubota RTV 900, Worksite Model.

Present Tractor:

Deere 4115/410 Loader(53" bucket),
Deere 54" Front Blade,
Deere 46 Backhoe,
Deere 10KW PTO Generator,
Rankin quick-attach forks,
Gearmore top n' tilt'
Gearmore 6' rear blade,
LandPride 54" box scraper
3 point log splitter,
PTO water pump,
Bad River trailer hitch.

Guy Vehicle: Tundra 4x4 regular cab with a 5th wheel hitch and an 8000# trailer hitch.

Tractor Hauler: 7000 GVW, 16 foot flatbed trailer.

2.3 hillside acres of sand, rocks, sage..... Where never is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day......

Small orchard, plus...... Wild ponies, mule deer, coyotes, quail, rabbits and numerous, assorted, smaller pellet gun fodder.

Still waiting for the mountain lion to show up.
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