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Located: Western NJ in the Kitatinny Mountains where the cows moo and the Corn grows
Landscaping, Photography, Bicycling. Doing things with my wife and kids.

Software consulting. Building the TractorPoint web site.
Kubota B7610, LA352 loader, RCK60-24B mid mount mower, Kubota 50" snowblower, Woods RB72 grader blade.

Tanaka Weed/brush cutter

2 Stihl Chain Saws

Honda Pressure Washer

2005 Honda Pilot EX
2000 Toyota Tundra Limited TRD Pickup
5 acres Residential, slave to my spouses gardening desires. Long driveway.

2.5 acres woods, 2.5 acres lawn

Uses include lawn mowing, Snowblowing, landscaping, and mulching the wife's flower beds
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