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Located: Franklin, Maine
Playing with any Tractor or construction Equipment. ATV rides. Retired Law Enforcement. 15-yrs Army Reserves 76th Div TNG (MOS) 11B30H
JD 4700 mfwd Hydro w/2400+ hrs as of 10/01/05 460 fel, #48 bh w/hydr. thumb, JD MX6 Bushhog, 660 tiller, 31C phd, Landpride 6'BB, LP 3584 Landscape Rake, LP 6' finish mower, a Fransgard V4000 logging winch, a set of horst forks, Woodsman cordwood saw a 1965 C-50 dump truck and 2 Honda ATVs.
39-acres altogether, 37-acres that I live and play on with my equipment and 2 rental properties 1-acres each that keeps me busy and pays the bills.
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